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The latest news, updates and important notices from the St. Paul’s High School campus.

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1April 5, 2021[IMPORTANT] Demo Notice view

করোনা সুরক্ষাবিধি মেনে পঠন-পাঠনের সূচনা, Raghabpur St. Paul’s High School


We have been preparing “Men and Women for Others”, for the past 143 years.

Raghabpur St. Paul’s High School is a minority institution according to the Indian constitution, article 30. For the last 143 years, the Jesuit fathers of Calcutta province have been administering the school with the motto ‘Men and women for others’. We believe that education cannot be confined to the four walls of the class rooms neither can it be about the rote knowledge that the students gain from their textbooks.

Our History

We believe that education cannot be confined to the four walls

Education, ultimately, should help the students to discover themselves.

Our school provides its students ample opportunities to discover their hidden talents and to develop them to be better citizens of our country in the future. The Jesuits have always kept in front of their eyes the motto, ‘For the Greater Glory of God’ that motivates them to venture into any challenging work. It is this vision that is being actualized when our children are being transformed into better men and women for others through Jesuit education.

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Right from the inception, the institution has been educating both boys and girls irrespective of their caste, religion and social status. The right to education act of 2009 was an added strength to the values that our school always stands for.
Discipline has always been our backbone which is one of the indispensable elements in forming our students to be responsible adults.
Our school also helps its students to be better leaders and citizens by providing platforms like Child Safety and Security Committee, Child Cabinet, Eco Club and by entrusting responsibilities like school captain, house captain and class captain.
The weekly assembly is conducted by our own students where they are encouraged to speak on different themes like ‘Great personalities, mother earth, Health etc. It also becomes an occasion for them to showcase their talent in music.
Besides the prescribed syllabus from WBBSE and WBCHSE, our school emphasis on value education, life-skill education, physical education, art, craft, dance, music, creative activities and educational tours. These extra-curricular activities are aimed at the holistic growth of every student.
Our school offers computer facilities, smart classrooms and various labs and library.
The school is always generous in lending reference books and extra study materials to the students for their better performance in the exams.
Our school arranges remedial classed for weaker students and special classes for the students who prepare themselves for their board exam after their selection test.
The school also caters to the needs of the students who are mentally, psychologically and economically weak.
The school maintains a good relationship with parents through regular parent-teacher’s meetings and through social media.
The school organises seminars, awareness programmes, camps, teacher –training programmes for students, teachers and parents. It also takes extra initiative to spread social awareness to people around the school campus.
Though the pandemic has brought the normal classes to a standstill, our student’s quest for knowledge goes on through their online classes.

Building a Better Tomorrow

The task is challenge ridden; however, with your support and encouragement we can make this noble task of educating our children for a better tomorrow possible.